NCMA Teen Arts Council ArtScene- Printbike’s first voyage

I was happy to join the Teen Arts Council recently for their spring event as a featured artist. I brought with me a ‘print bike’, a cart made from scrap materials that houses easily accessible print making materials. This project was a marriage of my love of cycling culture, and art. I am interested in how the two commingle, and hope to add to that.
After finishing a course in letterpress at UNC Chapel Hill this semester, I was able to borrow a small press, along with a few lino-cut blocks mounted to type high.
The blocks featured a few prompts in the form of empty text message conversations, hashtags, and the prompt “I didn’t have a smartphone I would ______.”
People of all ages were invited to learn the basics of letterpress, print their own image, and write in their response.
My aim was to pair low-fi, easily learned printing techniques within theme of modern technology, aiming to show that the handmade can coexist with the digital realm. This was done in good humor, to poke some fun at the use of hashtags, the pitfalls of texting, and to get people thinking what they would do without their dang phones!
Through this initial debut of the print bike I learned what worked, and what did not work. I blown away by the receptiveness of everyone to learn, and play along. Responses ranged from thoughtful, and serious to sarcastic and hilarious. I hope, and plan to bring printbike to more planned and pop-up events in an effort to spread art education in a fun, two-wheeled way.IMG_2972IMG_3013IMG_3090IMG_3146IMG_3170IMG_3191IMG_2949